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2006 Presentations

Other Past Presentations (click to select year below):

12/21/06 EBC Solid Waste Committee - Asbestos in Soils

Asbestos in Soil: Streamlining Regulation and Management
(2.2 Mb PDF)
Sarah Weinstein and Paul Locke

11/28/06 EBC NH Chapter Breakfast Meeting: Risk Assessment/Risk Management ? Emerging Issues and Techniques

Introduction to Risk Assessment and Risk Management
(2.0 Mb PDF)
Richard G. Rumba, MPH
Environmental Health Program Administrator

11/9/06 EBC Brownfield Committee Meeting - Eastland Woolen Mill

(1.8 Mb PDF)
Ed Hathaway
Remedial Prjoect Manager

11/8/06 Update for Rhode Island on US EPA ? New England?s Program Initiatives and Priorities

(2.0 Mb PDF)
Ira Leighton
Deputy Regional Administrator

11/6/06 EBC Seminar Series on Running Your Business Successfully: Financial Profitability: Forecasting Environmental Industry Trends with Paul Zofnass

(162 kb PDF)
Paul Zofnass
The Environmental Financial Consulting Group, Inc.

11/3/06 EBC New Nuclear Power and Climate Change: Issues and Opportunities

Nuclear Power: Public Fears - Perception and Reality
(3.0 Mb PDF)
David Ropeik

New Nuclear and Its Role in Environmentally Friendly Generation
(2.2 Mb PDF)
W. Kenneth Hughey
Senior Manager
Nuclear Business & Development
Entergy Nuclear

Nuclear Energy's Role in the United States
(473 kb PDF)
Mary Quillian
Business and Environmental Policy
Nuclear Energy Institute

Nuclear Power and Emergency Planning
(68 kb PDF)
Tom Sowdon, Sc.D., CHP
Emergency Preparedness
Entergy, Pilgrim Station

Nuclear Power Plant Radioactive Waste
(2.1 Mb PDF)
Jay Maisler
Consultant and Certified Health Physicist
Enercon Services, Inc.

Perchlorate Reduction in a Packed Bed Bioreactor Using Elemental Sulfur
(822 kb PDF)
Ashish K. Sahu and Sarina J. Ergas
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Is Nuclear Power a Viable Climate Solution?
(1.4 Mb PDF)
Alan Nogee
Clean Energy Program
Union of Concerned Scientists

Why Public Opinion About Nuclear Energy Is Changing
(2.1 Mb PDF)
Ann S. Bisconti, Ph.D.
Bisconti Research, Inc.

10/31/06 EBC Seminar: Nanotechnology: Applications and Implications for the Environment

A Materials Science Perspective on Developing Nanomaterials for Commercial and Environmental Applications
Part 1 (2.6 Mb PDF), Part 2 (1.0 Mb PDF)
Brenda Barry, Senior Toxicologist, The Cadmus Group
Robert H. Hurt, Professor of Fluid, Thermal and Chemical Processes, Brown University

Nanotoxicology: State-of-the-Science Regarding the Toxicity of Nanomaterials
(1.6 Mb PDF)
Alan G. Cummings, CEO and Co-founder, Seldon Technologies
Brenda Barry, Senior Toxicologist, The Cadmus Group

Inhalation Exposure to Nanoparticles
(1.2 Mb PDF)
Michael J. Ellenbecker, Sc.D., CIH, Toxics Use Reduction Institute, University of Massachusetts Lowell

10/17/06 EBC Connecticut Chapter Seminar - Environmental Alternative Dispute Resolution in New England: Trends, True Stories, and Tricks of the Trade

(138 kb PDF)
Kathleen Conway, Law Offices of Kathleen M. Conway, LLC
Cindy Cook, Adamant Accord, LLC
Bill Logue, President, The Logue Group
Matt Schweisberg, Manager, Wetlands Protection Unit, US EPA
Elissa Tonkin, Director, Regional ADR Program, US EPA
Betsey Wingfield, Chief, Bureau of Water Protection & Land Reuse, Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection

10/10/06 Board Retreat

EBC Board Retreat at Habitat, Belmont
(336 kb PDF)

10/5/06 EBC Seminar ? Sixth Annual UPDATE on US EPA ? New England?s Program Initiatives and Priorities

(3.0 Mb PDF)
Robert Varney, Regional Administrator, EPA New England
Ira Leighton, Deputy Regional Administrator, EPA New England
Susan Studlien, Director, Office of Site Remediation and Restoration
Linda Murphy, Director of the Office of Ecosystem Protection
Mike Kenyon, Director of the Office of Environmental Measurement and Evaluation
Stephen Perkins, Director of the Office of Environmental Stewardship

10/3/06 EBC Water Forum - Series on Sustainable Water Resources Management

(1.1 Mb PDF)
Fred Laskey
MWRA Executive Director

9/15/06 EBC Breakfast Meeting with Arleen O?Donnell, Acting Commissioner of the Massachusetts DEP - UPDATE on Massachusetts DEP Programs

(343 kb PDF)
Arleen O?Donnell
Acting Commissioner
Mass DEP

9/12/06 EBC Seminar - Global Climate Change - A Primer

Master Presentation
(408 Kb PDF)

7/13/06 EBC MA Chapter Seminar: Leading the Way on Ocean Management

Update on Massachusetts Ocean Management Initiative
(1.1 Mb PDF)
Susan Snow Cotter
Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management.

Report on Forthcoming Study: Assessment of Ocean and Coastal Economy in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
(430 Kb PDF)
David Terkla
Professor of Economics
University of Massachusetts Boston

Panel Discussion
(3.4 Mb PDF)
Moderator ? Charlie Natale
Offshore Wind Energy ? Dennis Duffy ? Vice President, Governmental and Regulatory Affairs ? Energy Management Inc.
Deep Water Port Facilities/LNG ? Rob Bryngelson, Vice President ? Excelerate Energy, LLC.
Interstate Offshore Electric Transmission ? Dr. Edward Krapels ? Principal ? Anbaric, LLC
Offshore Natural Gas Pipelines ? Ralph Childs ? Mintz, Levin for Duke Energy

Massachusetts: Leading the Way on Ocean Management
(17.1 Mb PDF)
Bill Schwab
Woods Hole Science Center
The USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program

6/1/06 EBC IAQ/Mold Assessment ? Getting it Right! ? Controlling Your Risk

Basics - Regulations, Certifications, Industry Standards
(690 kb PDF)
Nancy Comeau
Massachusetts Department of Occupational Safety

Helpful Hints
(455 kb PDF)
Michael B. Amster, P.E. CIH, CSP, CHMM
Principal Consultant
M.B. Amster Associates, Inc.

IAQ and Building Specifications
(1.0 Mb PDF)
A. David Scarchilli, P.E. DEE
Vice President
Occuhealth, Inc.

Vapor Intrusion, The Next Horizon
(2.3 Mb PDF)
Rosemary McCafferty
Senior Environmental Geologist
Haley and Aldrich, Inc.

5/25/06 EBC Rhode Island Chapter Breakfast Wind Energy in Rhode Island and More

Wind Energy in New England ? An Update
(448 kb PDF)
John Moskal, Senior Energy Advisor, US EPA

On-Site Wind Energy for Corporations, Schools and Municipalities
(1.3 Mb PDF)
Todd Martin, Alternity Power

Cape Wind Update
(863 kb PDF)
Dennis Duffy, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs
Cape Wind Associates

5/18/06 The CSO Program Update

The CSO Program Update
(2.5 Mb PDF)
Frederick A. Laskey, Executive Director
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

5/16/06 CT Chapter Seminar: The Evolving Role of the EH&S Manager

The Evolving Role of the EH&S Manager in 2006
(113 kb PPT)
Christie Bradway - Manager Environmental Compliance and Policy
Northeast Utilities

Environmental Management and Sustainability at UConn
(4.7 Mb PPT)
Richard A. Miller
Director of Environmental Policy

Environmental Management Systems - A Postal Service Strategy
(298 kb PPT)
Charles Vidich
Manager, Environmental Compliance
US Postal Service, Northeast Area

5/12/06 EBC's NH Chapter Event: Report from the NH DES Division Directors

An Introduction to the Department of Environmental Services
(259 kb PDF)
Timothy Drew, Administrator
Public Information & Permitting

Air Resources Division Briefing to EBC's NH Chapter
(312 kb PDF)
Robert R. Scott, Director
Air Resources Division

Waste Management Division
(1.2 Mb PDF)
Anthony P. Giunta, P.G., Director
Waste Management Division

Water Division Update
(3.0 Mb PDF)
Harry T. Stewart, P.E., Director
NH DES Water Division

4/27/06 Solid Waste Committee

Are Rail-Based Solid Waste Facilities Exempt from State and Local Law?
(1.1 Mb PDF)
Stephen Richmond
Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.

4/20/06 EBC/AIM Best Practices in Corporate Stewardship

Sustainability at Wal-Mart
(3.6 Mb PPT)
Andrew Ruben
VP Company Strategy and Sustainability

Corporate Stewardship
(6.16 Mb PPT)
Leo Pierre Roy, VHB
Gib Hedstrom, Hedstrom Associates
Lisa Drake, Stonyfield Farm
Mike Lotti, National Grid
John LeFebvre, Polaroid Corporation
Peter D. Kinder, KLD Research & Analytics, Inc.
Frank Marino, Raytheon

Benchmarking Best Practices in Corporate Stewardship
(800 Kb zipped PDF)

4/19/06 Business Development Committee Meeting

Underground Storage Tank Compliance Act of 2005
(1.1 Mb PDF)
Bill Torrey
UST/LUST Regional Program Manager
US EPA ? New England

3/17/06 EBCNE 7th Annual EBC/AIM EHS Managers Seminar

Cabot Inkjet Colorants - Safety, Health & Environment Overview
(134 kb PDF)
Carl Long, Cabot

BSC Business/EH&S Overview
(1.0 Mb PDF)
Leonard C. Sarapas, P.E., P.H.
Corporate Director Environmental Health & Safety

The Evolving Role of the Environmental, Health and Safety Manager 
(2.0 Mb PDF)
Joseph Kwasnik
Vice President-Environmental
National Grid USA

The Evolving Role of the EHS Manager
(5.1 Mb PDF)
Barbara F. Taylor

The Changing Role of the EHS Manager
(713 kb PDF)
David Newman
Millipore Corporation

2/7/06 Tom Skinner, MA DEP

Update on new features of eDEP and more
(1 Mb PPT)

1/20/06 Richard Hoffmann, Director of Gas, Environmental and Engineering, Office of Energy Projects, FERC

Review of LNG Facilities & Pipelines; Federal Preemption; and Public Education
(603 kb PPT)

1/20/06 Dianne R. Phillips, Esq., Partner, Holland and Knight, LLP

Overview of Regulatory Process
(1.46 Mb PPT)

1/20/06 Ted Gehrig, P.E., President, Weavers Cove

Weavers Cove Energy, Fall River, MA
(1.6 Mb PDF)

1/20/06 Rob Bryngelson Vice President Development and Downstream Services Excelerate Energy, LLC

Northeast Gateway Project, Southeast of Gloucester, MA
(4.33 Mb PPT)

1/20/06 Don Beckham, Engineering-Environmental Management for Mark Prescott Chef, Deepwater Ports Standards Division USCG Headquarters

Coast Guard Deepwater Port Act - Licensing Process
(394 kb PPT)

1/20/06 Barry P. Fogel, Esq. Partner

Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act - MEPA Process
(214 kb PPT)

1/20/06 Sue Tierney, Ph.D., Managing Principal, Analysis Group

LNG in Regional Energy markets: Prospects for New England
(2.92 Mb PPT)

1/12/06 Ruth H. Silman, Attorney and Scott M. Turner, Partner, Nixon Peabody LLP

New Source Review (NSR) Update
(645 kb PPT)

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